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LOSBERGER RDS is the result of the merger between TMB (Technique Michel Brochier), AIS and BACHMANN. These three companies had been individually specialized in the support of men and material both in the military and civil sectors for decades, their experience and expertise have proven an added asset upon integration into the international group LOSBERGER, world leader in metal and textile structures for the industry and events.


Losberger Group

Losberger is one of the globally leading corporations specialized in the field of modular component systems for temporary as well as permanent space solutions and can be found in various sectors. Starting with tents and halls for events, exhibitions and shows, to storage halls, hangars and terminals for air and seaports. With industrial halls for production, storage and trade. With warehouse tents, container modules for various functions and with versatile space solutions for military, emergency services, civil protection, disaster relief and aid organizations. In addition to the distribution of our halls, tents and container modules, Losberger offers a wide range of temporary space solutions for rent with more than 650,000 m² stock available.

Subsidiaries in Germany, the UK, France, Italy, the US and China are part of the Losberger Group with more than 700 employees globally. 


Losberger GmbH

For more than 90 years, Losberger is one of the leading international companies for tent sales and rental services and ranks amongst the largest manufacturers, sellers and rental companies of modular space solutions, worldwide. For high-class events, exhibitions and shows we are a first choice partner and provider. Industry, retail and trade opt for our halls and warehouse tents, which stand out due to the Losberger modular construction system that guarantees extremely efficient, long lasting – and if desired – highly individual space solutions. Many of our products set state-of-the-art industry standards.

Losberger GmbH
Gottlieb-Daimler-Ring 14
74906 Bad Rappenau

Phone: +49 7066 980-0
Fax: +49 7066 980-232
Mail: losberger@losberger.com



Losberger France SAS

Losberger France SAS, formerly Walter SA, has been operating capably and efficiently in its markets for over 40 years and is the number one in France for event tents and marquees and swimming pool safety covers. In addition, Losberger France offers a wide range of warehouse tents, temporary and semi-permanent sports and logistics halls, as well as maintenance hangars. Depending on the design, the tents and halls can be bought or rented.

Losberger France SAS
CD 58 - 1 rue Bruch
Zone Industrielle - B.P.58 
67170 Brumath Cedex

Phone: +33(0)3 88 59 34 00
Fax: +33(0)3 88 51 86 22
Mail: info@losberger.com



Losberger Rapid Deployment Systems SAS

Losberger RDS is dedicated to supply products and support worldwide for crisis management and is having a huge range of products to help in regional development. Losberger RDS is very well known as a main supplier of civil defence and military forces for modular shelter and is recognized as a main solution provider as well as a one stop shop to protect equipment and personal with dual solutions.

Losberger Rapid Deployment Systems SAS
58 Rue du Dessous des Berges
75013 Paris

Phone: +33 1 46 72 42 69
Fax: +33 1 46 58 91 79
Mail: info@losberger-rds.com



Bachmann Production SAS

Bachmann production is the operation arm for Losberger RDS. Thanks to a solid base of technical and human resources located on 2 main sites (Angouleme in France and Dubai in the UAE), Bachmann Production provides after sale service, maintenance works, technical assistance as well as operations management and follow up for on-going projects.

Equipped with all the necessary tools (hardware and software) and by keeping a permanent stock of spare parts, we can offer preventive as well as corrective maintenance to all our clients. Our team is also able to provide remote guidance for specific maintenance needs whenever a situation requires it. BACHMANN production also has a crucial feedback and monitoring role as our staff is in permanent contact with the products in actual use/operation; therefore allowing us to constantly conduct corrective actions and improve our products.

Bachmann production’s level of excellence is in continuity with the tradition of the Bachmann brand whose activities were taken over in full by Losberger RDS.

Bachmann production
Z.I. Nord de la Braconne
16600 MORNAC
Tel : 33 (0)5 45 67 24 14 – Fax : 33 (0) 5 45 67 86 83



Losberger Italia S.r.l.

Losberger's branch in Italy offers the entire range of marquees and tents for the event and trade fair sector, for industry, as well as for trade and commerce. Depending on the design, our products are available for purchase and are often also available for rent.

LOSBERGER RDS - Sede Secondaria In Italia
Via Santa Rita Da Cascia
20100 MILANO

Phone : +3902 944 327 98
Fax : + 3902 944 327 99


Losberger Modular Systems GmbH

Losberger Modular Systems GmbH was founded almost 50 years ago. Using prefabricated parts, the company manufactures steel halls and containers as used for many purposes in industry and commerce, crafts and by local authorities. The on-going adaptation of the modules to the latest standards of construction ensures that manufacture and delivery is state of the art in every respect. National sales offices in all of Germany's important economic regions as well as international representatives ensure that the customers can be advised and looked after where they are based.

Losberger Modular Systems GmbH
Gottlieb-Daimler-Ring 14
74906 Bad Rappenau

Phone: +49 (0) 621/8444-4
Fax: +49 (0) 621/8444-555
Mail: info-lms@Losberger.com




Losberger Shanghai Co., Ltd.

The Losberger office in China offers the entire range of commercial marquees and tents for the event and trade fair sector as well as for industry, trade and commerce.  Furthermore, Losberger space solutions for disaster management, the military and emergency rescue are also available.
A selection of Losberger tents are manufactured locally for the Asian market according to strict quality and safety criteria.  Depending on the product design, it is possible to either purchase or rent our products.

Losberger Shanghai Co., Ltd.
258 Jinglian Rd. Minhang District
Blk 5, Xunhao Industrial Park
201108 Shanghai

Phone: +86 21 616 11005
Fax: +86 21 643 43316
Mail: tent.china@losbergerchina.com


Losberger U.S. LLC

Losberger U.S. offers the entire range of tents; marquees and halls for the event and trade fair sector, for industry, trade and commerce, for disaster management, the military and emergency rescue. Among our clients are exhibition companies and event organisers as well as companies from industry, trade and commerce, relief organisations, armed forces and civil defence.

Losberger U.S. LLC
200 Monroe Ave., Suite 2A
PO Box 74

Phone: +1 301 6828000
Fax: +1 301 6828005
Mail: p.moughan@losberger.com



Losberger UK Ltd.

Losberger UK offers the entire range of tents; marquees and halls for the event and trade fair sector, for industry, trade and commerce, for disaster management, the military and emergency rescue. Among our clients are exhibition companies and event organisers as well as companies from industry, trade and commerce, relief organisations, armed forces and civil defence. Depending on the product design, our products are available for purchase and are also often available for rent.

Losberger UK Ltd.
139 High Street
NG23 7NH
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1636 893 776
Fax: +44 (0)1636 893 774

Mail: losbergeruk@losberger.com


MVD Losberger Estruturas e Serviços S.A., Brazil

The Losberger branch in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil provides a wide variety of temporary structures in its product portfolio. We can supply tent structures with 5m to 50m clear span for corporate and sports events, shows and trade fairs as well as for the industrial sector for storage. Besides the tent structures, MV-Losberger can also supply scaffolding, seating, flooring and HVAC which makes us a real one stop shop solution for our clients. All our equipment can either be rented or purchased. One of our biggest add-on is the “Brazilian creativity” in realizing customized solutions.

MVD Losberger Estruturas e Serviços S.A.
Est. Mal. Miguel Salazar Mendes de Morais, 1021
CEP 22770-330
Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Phone: +55 (21) 2445-4033
Fax: +55 (41) 3232-5726
Mail: ulrich@losberger.com.br

Crisis management

When the rapidity of intervention allows to protect and preserve lives and equipment. Accidents and natural disasters affect thousands of us and often occur in isolated locations where no infrastructure is immediately available.


  • Earthquakes
  • Conflict
  • Oil Spills
  • Floods

Modular systems / structures

When structures are needed to protect, to work, to live. Temporary, semi permanent and permanent installations. Military and Civil applications.


  • To Defend
  • To Treat
  • To Rescue
  • Camouflage

Territorial planning

When the government or decision makers need to act quickly for planning & regional development. Show a political will to improve, to develop & support the disadvantaged regions/areas.


  • Logistics solutions
  • To work
  • To exhibit
  • To cure

Tailor-made projects

The international Losberger RDS team is ready to study all kinds of custom made projects.


  • Turnkey
  • Airport terminals
  • Stadium covers
  • Specially designed hangars

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